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10/19/2010 | Filed In: Fork Fest

Fork Fest

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After realizing there were no fences to hang my banners on, it came to me, this was not going to be your average concert. In fact it was a music and art festival, where the beauty of the art work would be showcased in an environment that was very serene. All you saw surrounding you were lush trees, bushes and full lawns of grass. The perfect setting for the first ever Fork Fest held at the American Fork Amphitheater.
They had three stage areas through out the venue. An amphitheater stage, a Lawn stage and an Acoustic stage all highlighted the preforming bands of the day. My favorite out of them all was the Acoustic stage; it was set away from the other two stages under some huge pine trees that were decorated in lights. This set for a very private intimate experience for everyone. I also really like that this stage had a life size replica of a mountain sheep set behind the playing bands. At this stage is where I ran into a man named Ryan Innes.
I saw Ryan preforming on stage briefly while snapping some pictures for the website. After he was done preforming I was able to chat with him and hear his story a little. I found out that he just released an album in June of this year, self titled. He’s been writing music for 6 years now and playing piano all of his life. All of this is shown in his music too. Ryan isn’t messing around when it comes to emotion and meaning with his lyrics. I enjoyed my run in with Ryan, he’s very pleasant and passionate about what he’s pursuing. He often commented how he was sorry about talking too fast, but that’s okay Ryan, its okay to be excited!
The venders, the artist, and the roomie throw rugs you would see through out the place just made the experience so relaxing and enjoyable. You could tell the crowd was enjoying it too. Happy faces were seen all over the place and when I spoke with a few local Orem girls they said they were glad they came, and were texting their friends encouraging them to come too.
After talking with a few people I found out some of the hot band or ones to check out at the festival were; Joshua James, Desert Noises, Allred, Marlee & Hayley Hernandez and those are just a few. All of the music and art was great! One of the art exhibitors there was displaying and selling his art for the first time that day. His name was Spencer Flanagan and he created his artwork from everyday things. He said, ”I save every thing from bus tickets to junk mail.” After discussing where each piece of artifact came from for each piece of art, I found out that Spencer really puts his life into his art work. For example, he used paint from when he was painting his house in one piece and he cut up a map from a trip for another. His artwork was very popular at the festival with people constantly stopping to take a look.
Fork Fest was a very great event that I’m glad I was able to attend. I hope that it is carried on into the years to come. Live bands, trees, sunny days, and life size mountain sheep statue….you can’t go wrong. And! Before I forget, yes, they even had a mascot! A tattered looking man with a pitch fork. He was my favorite!


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